Natural Product and ECOmark

What is Natural Product?

Natural products are products that do not involve any external additives or contain no chemicals, and are grown spontaneously in nature using only organic and animal fertilizers.

Although only natural and organic product terms have the same characteristics, they can be seen differently in terms of some applications. Organic products are kept under constant control and supervision by certification bodies, are constantly examined by people who grow organic products and are therefore reliable. If natural products are obtained from unknown environments or places that are not trusted by the grower and institution, the unnatural product can be displayed naturally. If the natural product follows the same organic product stages, it can be said that only in such a condition is the natural product and organic product equivalent. It should be noted that the natural product does not have any certificate.

No chemical product should be used during the processing of naturally produced products. In addition, natural medication should be used during the disinfection process. Care must be taken when choosing and purchasing crops that are far from them. It is necessary to be sensitive about products that are not sure of their naturalness.

The idea of ​​natural but not organic on the name of the natural product may also come to mind. The apple that the person pulls from the branch of his own garden is absolutely natural, but due to this tree, chemical product from different regions may have been contaminated by the apple, or the smoke coming out of the industrial chimney near the fruit tree may have crept into the fruit through the wind. These kinds of reasons prevent the natural product from being organic. Each stage of the organic product is in control.

Which Products Can We Call Natural Products?

It is necessary to take a broad look at the definition of natural product. Every product that is grown with the manpower and labor offered by the mother of soil is natural. All kinds of vegetables and fruits that we grow in our own garden and field are natural products.

In addition, the products that the person processes with his own hands are also natural products. Products such as natural grape molasses, natural home tarhana or natural home soap, which are made without mixing any additional products, can also be included in the natural product class unless they are mixed with any external supplements.

Natural Product and ECOmark

ECOmark is a kind of certification system that proves that the products in different sectors are ecological. We can say that there is an EKO label system for ECOmark. It can be understood with ECOmark that the products produced by textile, industry, chemistry and many similar sectors are suitable for natural life conditions and are sensitive to environment and humanity.

From the times when the first humans lived, farming activities have been changing. Agriculture has also changed, especially since industry and technology have been impetus since the last century. People engaged in agriculture now support ecological farming by using environmentally friendly products such as synthetic chemical drugs and mineral fertilizers in crop farming. It has been observed that traditional farming methods used in ancient times had a negative impact on crops. For this reason, new regulations and laws have been issued in this regard in our country, and the state has seized this situation in order to steer ecological agriculture. Thanks to the state, International Standards are now applied in agriculture.

Approaches to ecological products are increasing in our country. In order to support the manufacturer due to this idea, the Technical Control and Certification Organization issues a certificate that complies with ECOmark ecological product standards to the companies that produce and sell ecological products. Such businesses can apply to authorized locations and obtain an ECOmark certificate. Among the benefits of the ECOmark ecological product standard, the production of products without harming the natural environment, the increase in the demand for ecological products, supporting the producers producing ecological products, and making only ecological marketing in herbal and animal products.

Companies that prove that their products and services comply with the Ekomark © Standard criteria in terms of human health and environmental protection are allowed to use the Ekomark © Label in these products and services.

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