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A directive 2000/1980 (EC) was enacted in 2000 under the harmonization laws by the European Union. In accordance with this directive, our country has to enact an environmental law on environmental labels. This directive requests the enactment of this law in order to ensure the enactment of the environmental law and the integration of the environmental label system to our country.

Even though the legal regulations on this issue have not been completed yet, it has prepared the Ekomark © Standard in terms of awareness of the consumers and being prepared in the production facilities and methods of the manufacturers. While designing this standard, Eco-Label Regulation 2010/66 / EC issued by the European Union and updated in 2010 was taken as basis for certification studies. The criteria described in the Ekomark © Standard are in line with the criteria determined by the European Union on the basis of product groups.

In addition, our organization has been accredited by a foreign accreditation organization and, based on this authorization, allows the companies to use the Ekomark © Label to use their products and services in promotional and marketing activities. Ekomark © Label is accepted today in European Countries and all over the world.

The basic vision of our organization is to contribute to sustainable consumption. Consumers who prefer products and services bearing the Ekomark © Label will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.

Another vision is to encourage manufacturers to design and produce environmentally responsible products and services and to support a sustainable production target through Ekomark © Standard.

Our organization has a life cycle perspective. When determining the criteria of the Ekomark © Standard, the following key issues were taken into account: energy use, climate change, excessive water consumption, natural raw material resources, use of chemicals, hazardous wastes, packaging and solid and liquid waste in general.

Our main mission is to increase the trust of consumers in ecological products. In addition to this, the company is to gain image and superiority among its competitors. At the same time, it is to give advantage to consumer companies in national and international markets.

Our company also offers Ekomark © Label as a marketing tool to manufacturers. By using this label, the companies fulfill their social responsibility both in the eyes of consumers and in the eyes of official authorities. At the same time, the relations of the companies with the supplier companies have entered into an order.

Different information about the vision and mission of Ekomark © may be needed. For more information about this and the Ekomark © Tag, you can apply to our company immediately.

Companies that prove that their products and services comply with the Ekomark © Standard criteria in terms of human health and environmental protection are allowed to use the Ekomark © Label in these products and services.

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ECO Label provides accreditation services to certification and conformity assessment institutions and laboratories that will operate in various sectors with a strong technological infrastructure, a trained and experienced expert staff.

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